40 Swoon Worthy Artists

On Instagram, we polled you to find some new artists! As much as we love sharing big retailer finds for furniture, we prefer to fill in with original art in our own homes - and we love it even more when it comes recommended from our followers! We follow so many artists on social media because we always want to be ready to snatch up a piece if it really speaks to us.

Fall Hosting Ideas

Neither of us are huge fall decorators (although our dogs admittedly have costumes…). Aside from a few fresh mums and pumpkins each year. we really keep it pretty simple. We are both fans of buying things that we love for decor to rotate through for seasonal updates.

Meet Follow the Find!

Hi, we’re Rachel and Laura!

Welcome to Follow The Find! We’re so happy you stopped by. We’re a duo of homeowners that appreciate the “thrill of the hunt” for fabulously savvy home finds, and want to share that passion with you.

Favorite Sources

If you’ve been following for long, you know we have tons of sources that we link through! We’ve constantly got our eyes peeled for something new that’s on trend or a classic that is a great deal! Our source list varies all the time, and we have so many! But, this is a list of our tried and true favorites with some tips for HOW to shop the sites as well.

This list is accessible to everyone online, but don’t discount your own local shops, thrift stores, and galleries for items that you love.

Tips for Buying Rugs

Let’s face it: buying rugs can be stressful! Will it fit your space, do you love the pattern, is the price reasonable? All of these are fair questions to ask yourself when taking the plunge. After some requests for help came to our Instagram, we compiled a few pointers for all of you rug researchers out there.