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Pink Velvet Bed

This savvy find is a perfect example of high style without a high price tag. We love this for a stylish girl’s room, a bachelorette, or a modern, luxurious master bedroom!

Velvet Dining Chair

We are loving this beautiful emerald dining chair! Our savvy find is nearly an identical match - for a much more reasonable price point - and just dying to come home with you!

Blue Velvet Pillow

You can’t go wrong with adding a pop of pattern and texture to your space, and a premium down pillow is the best way to do it! We love that pillows are interchangeable and can be used all around your home, but we know how costly down pillows (in multiples) can be over time. Enter this savvy find!

Velvet Tulip Chair

This find is for the fashionistas out there! This luxurious velvet tulip chair is perfect for a formal, modern living room, and would look amazing with a faux fur pillow and chic coffee table styling. This chair also comes in more of a tan color, if that better suits your color scheme. We can't believe how much of a steal this savvy piece is, and with over 50+ 5 star reviews, its sure to be a hit!