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Our Favorite: Etsy Throw Pillows

We’ve been giving some thought on how to personalize and refresh our own spaces, which led us to creating a list of our current favorite pillow options. Because we would never leave you hanging, we had to organize and share our thoughts with you!

Chinoiserie Tassel Pillow

If you learn anything from us at all - its to not overpay for pillows. There are SO many good pillow options on big box sites and also small businesses from Etsy. You just need to do some research! (Or let us do the research!)

Outdoor Palm Pillow

The sunshine is finally out in Charlotte (while we create this post, at least), so we’re dreaming of evenings spent on the patio with the dogs and some great grilled food. Which leads to a flurry of ideas for how to decorate that patio that hasn’t been touched in months!

Blue Velvet Pillow

You can’t go wrong with adding a pop of pattern and texture to your space, and a premium down pillow is the best way to do it! We love that pillows are interchangeable and can be used all around your home, but we know how costly down pillows (in multiples) can be over time. Enter this savvy find!