All in dining

Classic White Sideboard

If you have a traditional or transitional style home, we love this chic and savvy sideboard for you! The greek key overlay makes this is look very expensive, without being too over the top. The detail is tough to see on the computer, so be sure to check it out in full detail!

Honeycomb Sideboard

We get many requests for neutral, yet statement making sideboards - probably because this is a furniture category where there just doesn’t seem to be lower price points. Our recommendation is to find a sideboard you love (like this one!), do your research on available pricing and discounts, and prioritize these larger items in your budget.

Woven Leather Dining Chair

We are HERE for this modern dining/side chair and think you guys would love this savvy piece to add to your home! A perfect blend of chic texture to add that expensive touch to your space! At the time of posting, this item has perfect reviews, so you can feel comfortable with the quality and style of this piece.

Modern Tulip Dining Chair

We don’t always gravitate towards modern, but when we do, we do it in style! We love these chic modern dining chairs for adding an unexpected interest to your breakfast or dining space - and they’re easy to clean! The savvy find has endless color options - so its completely up to you!

French Style Side Chair

This are probably some of the most popular dining chairs that we see in room designs these days - and we knew we had to find a savvy version of it! Enter this savvy find for a much more reasonable price and nearly identical style.

Gray Rattan Side Chair

We can’t get enough of the texture that Rattan adds to any space. Its fun to see patterned cushions added to these chairs and brought inside to make a space feel more casual and inviting.

Molded White Chair

These casual, yet stylish dining chairs are great for kids and breakfast areas - and perfect for a modern home. They’re easy to clean and can be mixed with any color scheme to encompass pops of color!

Modern Sideboard

Every adult dining room needs a great sideboard - and this one is a beauty! You can’t beat the bright white color of the savvy find to ensure that you’re going to match nearly any design color scheme. The metal hardware is interesting and different, adding to the luxe look of this piece.

Velvet Dining Chair

We are loving this beautiful emerald dining chair! Our savvy find is nearly an identical match - for a much more reasonable price point - and just dying to come home with you!

Burlwood Dining Table

If you asked us what our favorite wood material is, we would have an immediate answer for you: Burlwood. Be sure to click on the savvy find to zoom in on the details of this piece. Its difficult to find Burlwood anything at a reasonable price, so we’re pretty excited to share this find with you.

Scalloped Dinnerware Set

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve found this neutral and stylish dinnerware set that has AMAZING pricing! We love the detailed scallop pattern for a point of interest without being too stuffy. Order this deal now to have it for your holiday guests!

Wood Grain Sideboard

Its really hard to find a sideboard that doesn’t break the bank, but we love this piece for a great deal! The best part of these finds is the wood grain, which adds a subtle pop of pattern to your space!

Ruffle Bowl

We love adding beautiful pieces to our tablescape, and this find is not to be missed. The splurge find is for a set of two, so you really can’t go wrong with either option!

Curio China Cabinet

If an antique china cabinet isn’t your style, then this fresh take on the curio cabinet is perfect! Style it with your tabletop goods that you received for your wedding but didn’t have a place for (I know there’s a few of us out there!). This is also versatile enough to store books in, or add a few baskets in the bottom to store table linens or holiday decor.