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Natural Wood Curio

If you love Studio McGee style, this curio cabinet is perfect for you. The natural wood, glass, and metal elements give it that homey feeling - while also being modern and chic.

Metal Floor Mirror

We knew there would be a ton of questions around floor mirrors when many bloggers, like Cristin Cooper shared hers in her newly built modern mountain-themed home. A mirror is a mirror, right?! Be sure to grab the savvy version for a quick fix to that full length mirror problem - which we have right now and should take our own advice!

Iron Curio Cabinet

This is a special reader request - and something we’re excited to share with all of you! If you’re into iron furniture pieces, this simple and chic cabinet is perfect for you. Store your beautiful pieces in this glass door cabinet and it serves as both storage and a design element!

Honeycomb Sideboard

We get many requests for neutral, yet statement making sideboards - probably because this is a furniture category where there just doesn’t seem to be lower price points. Our recommendation is to find a sideboard you love (like this one!), do your research on available pricing and discounts, and prioritize these larger items in your budget.

Galvanized Planters

We’re desperately hoping Spring will arrive sooner than later, which leads to a good bit of online shopping for outdoor planters and accessories. Its tough to find reasonably priced outdoor goods at this time of year, so we were excited to find these stylish and timeless pieces for such a deal!

Gold Curtain Rod

We’re constantly on the hunt for cute curtain rods to help elevate a space. Great curtains can be expensive, so its important to get an equally stylish curtain rod that helps to offset some of the cost. We know you have more than one window in your house, so this savvy find helps to tackle that lingering home decor project without breaking the bank!

Towel Ladder

If you’re looking for a unique way to store towels in your bathroom, we have a great find for you! This metal ladder is modern and sleek, and is an an easy way to make your bathroom more inviting feeling. (You could also totally use this as a blanket rack in a modern living room - so the possibilities are endless!)

Shagreen Dresser

We had to do a bit of research on shagreen when we discovered this find! According to Google, it is sharkskin used as a decorative surface, due to its interesting and rough texture. While we’re a bit more partial to faux shagreen (you’re welcome, sharks!), we love the textural element and gray coloring of this beauty!

Industrial Stool

If industrial chic is more your style, this find is perfect for you! We love the contrast of materials, and imagine this under a kitchen island with brass hardware. If you love mid-century modern, this would look great in your space!

Metal Orb Chandelier

Is your dining room in need of a refresh? Grab this chandelier for a quick and easy update that doesn’t break the bank. We love this metal piece for a farmhouse or “Fixer Upper” styled home!