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Round Wood Coffee Table

If you have an open floor plan home with a large living room to fill, it can be a bit daunting. You will need larger or oversized pieces like this Jensen Coffee Table, or similar look for less, to help maximize the style without cluttering it up with 500 small pieces. We love this oversized wood coffee table for that size/type of room!

Burl Wood Coffee Table

You guys ask about burl wood items very frequently and we love this look for less for McGee and Co Oslo table. Although we wouldn’t consider this savvy budget friendly for anyone or any space, we .know that some of you who are in a more permanent home would love to splurge on this beauty!

Large White Coffee Table

Those popular open-floor plan homes need big furniture and this square white coffee table fits the bill. We love this piece with a collection of sofas, arm chairs, and ottomans surrounding it - creating that perfectly weighted seating area that’s both comfort and style.

Faux Shagreen Coffee Table

We found this Shagreen Lexi Tray Table, and couldn’t help but fall in love. Normally, $895 is not a bad price for this material, but when you find it for $600 less, we love it even more! Of course, we are always down for light and bright interiors, but love pops of richer, dark tones to add depth and a little sophistication. This is the perfect mix of texture (shagreen is so luxe) and practicality, as it serves as a tray style coffee table as well.

Wood Coffee Table

For those truly traditional styles out there, we love this substantial wood coffee table! This is perfect for those open concepts that big rooms to fill and want to avoid an overwhelming amount of furniture.

World Market Sale

We love World Market finds. If you’ve been following long, or have seen our favorite sources, then you know we find so many on trend items and share them. Although they tend to carry less traditional pieces, we’ve found our favorites that really fit a transitional style. I love that you can see them in person in a World Market store, and still easily purchase online with very reasonable or zero shipping charges (right now it’s free shipping if you spend $200)

Coffee Table Books

Friends don’t let friends overpay for coffee table books! You might love those beautiful books in home decor stores, but its always worth the extra effort to research other places before grabbing on the spot!

Acrylic Coffee Table

If you're looking to style a smaller living space, an acrylic coffee table is the perfect addition to your design! Because it doesn't create any blocked sight lines, its great for making a space feel open, while also adding definition and a location to store your personalized pieces. This transitional piece is great for all decor styles! Be sure to tag us on Instagram if you add this beauty to your space! @followthefind