Welcome to Follow the Find! Get the home decor look for less, styling tips, and our advice on how to buy items to make your house suit your family.  



Meet Follow the Find!

Meet Follow the Find!

Hi, we’re Rachel and Laura!

Welcome to Follow The Find! We’re so happy you stopped by. We’re a duo of homeowners that appreciate the “thrill of the hunt” for fabulously savvy home finds, and want to share that passion with you. Outside of running FTF, we’re two corporate gals who enjoy Clemson football, our dogs, and anything Beyonce. We've been friends for over 10 years and have had so much fun creating this site together... honestly we have been sharing home tips and finds with one another for so long... you all are basically getting a glimpse into our text thread! We met in college and have been giving each other advice every since. 

Many of you have asked: who are you?! So, here we go -  a little glimpse into the behind the scenes of FTF! We are both first time homeowners, newlyweds (got married a month apart), and 6.5 size shoe! We live in the Carolinas a little less than 2 hours drive from one another. We both are updating and decorating our very similar houses, so we're always on the hunt! 

We love sharing our finds with you and hope to hear about your great discoveries as well. Come join us on Instagram for our latest finds!

Lots of love, from our couch to yours!  xx

First up: Rachel! 

How would you describe your style?  Transitional with a little dose of flair here and there. I tend to love traditional pieces like rugs and sofas, but can’t resist a fun pattern or piece of art that is unique. I tend to just buy what I love and know (hope) that it will reflect my style and fit somewhere.

Who is your interior design inspiration?  I love to follow Young house Love because they have such an approachable mindset to decorating, budgeting for renovation work, and give great advice on DIY projects.  


Meredith Ellis- I poured over her recent Southern Living spread (below)

What is your best stylish find?  I like to purchase something small for the house when we travel. On our last trip to Japan I bought some handmade marbled paper that I’m going to frame, and two porcelain cups that are prefect for flowers.

What item is worth splurging? I think forever pieces like dining furniture, sofas, or art are definitely worth splurging on.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned when decorating your home? It’s OK to never be done… that is half of the fun! Enjoy finding pieces as you go - collecting things you love is what makes your home perfect for you. We are renovating, so I am learning to be patient!

What is the worst decor decision you’ve ever made? Buying items that are the wrong scale. I’ve learned the hard way that scale is just as important as coordinating colors or styles.

What are your favorite hidden gems to find home decor? I love popping into Habitat Restore over lunch, searching estate sales, or Instagram accounts (like some local to me places- Winston Collection, Oneofafindcharleston, oysterwhiteinteriors). It’s always good to understand what comes around often, and what is rare so you know when to snatch something up!

What is your favorite room in your house?  Our dining room - we love to host dinner at our house so we actually use it! It also holds my grandmother’s dining table and parent’s wedding china. It was the first room that my husband I completed in our house renovation.

What is your favorite home trend right now?   I love that vintage rugs are so popular! I really think they wear so well and are perfect for mixing styles. 

What is your ideal Saturday at home? Hosting friends at our house or riding bikes around town and grilling out with our dog, Spencer.


Meet Laura! 

How would you describe your style?  Neotraditional. I love classic anchor pieces in a room with fun, updated decor mixed in. Think: antique end tables, contemporary white lamps, and abstract paintings


Who is your interior design inspiration?  I love Sarah Bartholomew (above) and Amy Berry (below) My favorite Instagram handle is blue_print_store. They all do an amazing job mixing patterns, pieces, and making a room feel approachable, yet unique.

What is your best stylish find? I got an unused down filled sofa from EBTH for $50. Similar styles currently sell for $7,000 online. Getting it into the back of a truck was tough, but worth every penny.

What item is worth splurging?  Art! My New Year’s goal is to buy more original art. Outside of that, if you can’t stop thinking about something, get it. It will make you happy every time you see it in your home.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned when decorating your home?  Style changes! You aren’t the same person you were in college, so don’t expect your home to be. Try to pick timeless pieces that you will love forever, but know that every room takes a bit of tweaking.

What is the worst decor decision you’ve ever made? Buying rugs while having a puppy. It was essentially flushing money down the drain.

What are your favorite hidden gems to find home decor? EBTH (Everything But The House), Etsy, Estate Sales

What is your favorite room in your house? Front living room, although we spend no time in there

What is your favorite home trend right now? Abstract art, gold anything

What is your ideal Saturday at home? Enjoying a few drinks on the patio with the husband and dogs; trying out a new recipe

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