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Tips for Buying Rugs

Tips for Buying Rugs

Let’s face it: buying rugs can be stressful! Will it fit your space, do you love the pattern, is the price reasonable? All of these are fair questions to ask yourself when taking the plunge. After some requests for help came to our Instagram, we compiled a few pointers for all of you rug researchers out there. Check them out below!

  1. Be realistic on texture/type of rug based on lifestyle. If you have a dog or children, be smart about the type (great guide linked here!) you purchase. This could help to avoid a very expensive mistake.

  2. If in between rug sizes, go up. Its better to be more underneath furniture than to insufficiently fill the space.

  3. Be aware of the rug’s purpose in your home. Is it meant to match your color scheme, provide a bit of texture, or hide dirt from everyday living? This will help you to narrow your focus on what type of rug makes the most sense. Lesson learned the hard way: flat woven rugs do not last with dogs. We’ve made this mistake so you don’t have to!

  4. Get a good rug pad. Read reviews and accept that this additional cost is included with the price of buying a rug. You'll protect your floors, and you'll get a plush feel! Win- win! 

  5. Ensure you have coupon codes if you order online, and know retailer's sale strategies. Anthropologie, Wayfair, Ballard Designs, World Market, Target and others put things on sale regularly. No need to overpay if you don’t have to! Save to your favorites or pin them to remember what you love! 

  6. Know the return policy! Colors don’t always look the same in your home and measurements can easily be messed up. Be sure you feel comfortable with the return policy before pulling the trigger.

  7. Use the internet for sizing standards. King beds need bigger rugs and layered rugs need certain specifications. Interior design websites share all of these tips and tricks, so don’t be afraid to google! Check out this article and this link for some guidelines.

  8. Be resourceful and be prepared to buy. Keep the measurements you need on your phone notepad. Diligently search EBTH, estate sales, vintage websites, and big box retailers for options. You never know when you’ll find the exact rug you’re looking for!

  9. Know your budget! Are you in your forever home? If so, it makes more sense to splurge on the rug of your dreams. If you’re in your first apartment, maybe something less pricey is a better fit for now. Be realistic on the lifespan of the rug you’re purchasing, and determine your budget based on that.

Now that you’re all set to buy the rug of your dreams, how about some inspiration? Here are a few of our favorites!



Favorite Sources

Favorite Sources