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Fern Art Print

We’re always on the hunt for unique and reasonably priced art - and this piece fits the bill perfectly! The savvy find is a great deal, and the inverted nature of the print makes it interesting and also lends itself to many different decor styles.

Faux Monstera Plant

We’re always on the lookout for beautiful faux plants that add that extra bit of greenery to our space, without the potential tragedy caused by our lack of green thumbs. We love to see these Monstera plant leaves on kitchen islands and wanted to share a savvy option with you!

Live Fiddle Leaf Fig

We've never shared a live plant on the site before, but there's a first time for everything! We're obsessed with this find, and its amazing pricing. Not every home has space for a full-sized fiddle leaf fig tree, or maybe you're just looking for a bit of variation from the popular plant. Enter this smaller version! And at this price, its worth testing out your green thumb. Pair this with a belly basket and bring some greenery into your design!