All in table

Modern Stacking Chair

We love these chairs for a few reasons: #1 is obviously pricing, #2 is style and coloring, and #3 is usefulness! These are stylish enough to be your everyday chair, but versatile enough to be stacked and hidden away for when guests come over. If walnut isn’t your preferred color, the savvy find has multiple options!

Brass Side Table

As you know, we love a good brass accent piece in home design, and this table is no exception! We’ve seen these smaller side tables used to add a pop of texture and color to neutral living rooms. They’re the perfect size to hold a guest’s drink and your favorite candle!

Marble Wine Cooler

Wednesday isn't too early in the week to think of wine coolers, is it? We can't help but think how stylish this piece would be if you had neighborhood friends over for Happy Hour, or hosted your in-laws for dinner. Marble is a timeless material that we feel is a great neutral. It pairs well with any patterned china, glassware, and table decor! Be sure not to overspend for this piece, whether its for your or a gift for a friend (*hint hint*), and never have warm wine again!